Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Workspace

Nobody likes to work in a dull or stale workspace, especially if you work long hours behind a desk day after day. If you don’t have any other tasks outside of the office or have the luxury of traveling for your job, you’re probably resigned to the same dull space week after week.

To brighten up your office environment and freshen the atmosphere, try bringing the outside indoors by adding different live plants to your workspace decor. Plants can add a comforting psychological element to a desk or a room and are an excellent way to feel at home when you’re away from your own. According to Plant Culture Inc., plants decrease stress and may even increase productivity by as much as 12%. That could be why many businesses – from huge athletic clothier Lululemon to tech companies like Airbnb – have added plants to their office spaces. To help you spruce up your workspace today, here are six plants that are perfect for placing for your cubicle.

1. Rubber Plant

You’ve probably heard the timeless story (made into a nursery rhyme) about the ant who tries to move a rubber tree plant. Not only will this plant brighten up your workspace with its long and shiny leaves, but you’ll be reminded to power through your workload when the going get’s tough every time that you look at it! As a member of the fig family, the Ficus Elastica, can act as a natural air purifier for your office and thrives in low light. It also can endure through cooler temperatures, in case your office staff likes to keep the air-conditioning cranked up.

2. Aloe Vera

An ageless wonder of the medicinal world, the aloe plant is low maintenance, can go long periods without water and is also an excellent air purifier. It’s been hailed for centuries for its many medicinal purposes and can soothe burnt and dry skin. So if you ever return to your office after a long weekend in the sun, an aloe plant can provide soothing sunburn relief for you right on your desk.

Aloe Vera is easy to care for and is perfect for brightening up a workspace.
Aloe Vera is easy to care for and is perfect for brightening up a workspace.

3. Snake Plant

The snake plant is also commonly referred to as a mother-in-law tongue for its waxy and tongue-shaped leaves. It can thrive in very little light and even less water, and removes significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the air. As it releases most of its oxygen at night, the snake plant is an excellent way to purify the air at your office while on vacation or break.

4. Bamboo Palm

A Chamaedorea Hyophorbe (better known as a bamboo palm) is just one of hundreds of species of palm tree. It’s ideal for a work environment as it does especially well in low light conditions and is one of the highest rated air purifying plants among all houseplants. With it’s long and leafy stems, it’s also pleasant to look at.

The more the merrier! Watch your workspace transform into a peaceful environment as you add a little green to your office.
The more, the merrier! Watch your workspace transform into a peaceful environment as you add a little green to your office.

5. Golden Pothos

Known by dozens of names (including Devil’s Ivy), the Golden Pothos is a favorite plant that commonly sits on kitchen windowsills. The plant vines tend to grow fast and long and can make an excellent hanging basket or drapery that cascades off of bookshelves. Like all of the plants on the list, it can handle the little amount of light that’s typical in office environments.

6. Spider Plant

If you want a plant that’s exceptionally low maintenance, the spider plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. It’s long and spiky leaves continually grow replacements at the spider plant matures, and you can always take out the offshoots to start yourself a brand new plant in another pot!

Why not add a plant to your workspace today, to boost both your mood and your productivity at the office? Plants have the power to transform work experience and particularly love having succulents around the office because of their beauty and resiliency.

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